Armen Glider Prep

User-friendly, intuitive and customizable purification software for LC systems


General features :

- Control of all Armen Instrument systems and a large range of other devices

- Easy to use purification software

- Intuitive and fast method development

- Direct control of all parameters during the run

- Interactive and customizable user interface

- Free off-line software for method development and data reprocessing available

> User interface composed of five panels (Synoptic, Peak tracking, Collection table, UV-Vis Spectrum, Curves)
> Active graphic objects and labels (for "Direct Control Mode")
> Simple purification process management
> Intuitive method creation window composed of five tags (General, Settings, Equilibration, Elution, Detection, Collection)
> "Linear" gradient methods or "Step" gradient methods available
> Interactive and graphic method edition possible directly on the main screen
> User-friendly wizard for methods and data management
> Sequence of methods for automated multiple injections

> Direct access to all parameters while purification is running
> Real time gradient curves modifications ("click-and-drag" feature)

> Acquisition of 4 simultaneous signals to recognize peaks of interest
> Full UV-Vis spectrum acquisition using DAD technology ("Scan" mode)
> Automatic peak detection while purification is running

> Powerful collection modes (on the fly, direct position access, volume, time window, signal threshold, ...)
> Heterogeneous collection capability
> Second fraction collectors management
> Real time colour display matching peak with tubes and tray correlation

> Automatic Gradient Optimization (A.G.O) : Programmed gradient turns to isocratic step when a peak is recognized
> "Local Minimum" feature : Collector position changes when an inflection of the detector signal is recognized
> Intelligent Continuous Mode (I.C.M) : Identification and collection of peaks after the end of the programmed run time
> Automatic detector lamp switching off at the end of the programmed run time to increase lamp lifetime
> Automatic pause of the method when solvent/waste level, overpressure or tube availability alarm is detected
> Solvents consumption calculation before running

> Simple visualization of results in real time while purification is running
> Automatic backup of data and methods at the end of the run

> Report editor : Customizable, printable and exportable purification report
> Data base of solvents, racks and columns modifiable according to user requirements
> Elaborate feature for "User Profile" configuration (customization of all software parameters and report)
> Multi languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish)
> Multi user accounts (Login/Logout with password, personalized user profile, ...)

> Secure licences management (activation keys issued from encrypted code)
> Off-line PC freeware available for demonstration, method development and data reprocessing
> Unlimited free upgrade of the software to the latest version available
> FDA "21 CFR 11" compliance available on request