Spot Prep II 50

Ultimate purification tools for all kind of preparative HPLC, CPC/CCC and MPLC columns


General features :

- 50 mL/min - 300 bar
- Built-in manual purge valve
- Cleaning discs
- Dynamic mixing chamber 4 mL
- Manual or automated injection valve
- Backflush capability (Dir/Rev, Asc/Dsc)
- Column switching capability (2 columns)
- Integrated UV/Vis Diode Array Detector (4 channels simultaneously)
- UV-Vis spectrum acquisition
- Unequalled fraction collector capacity
- "Armen Glider Prep" control software (or "Armen Glider CPC")
- Panel PC with digital touch screen
- Biocompatible version available
- Interchangeable pump heads
- EN/UL/CSA certified (NRTL TÜV Rheinland)

Application notes :

Scale-up from analytical HPLC column
(4.6 mm ID) to Prep HPLC column (25 mm ID) on Spot Prep II system


(Flow rate range - Max. Pressure)
1 to 50 mL/min - 300 bar (4 350 psi)

2% accuracy
Repeatability better than 0.5%


Binary or Quaternary
Low-pressure gradient former
Linear response from 2 to 98%


Through loop (Manual or Automated)
Through external pump (Automated)

Multiple injections possible by running sequence of methods


Analytical and Semi-Preparative LC columns from 4.6 to 20 mm ID
CPC/CCC silica free columns from 50 mL to 250 mL

Easy to use with Armen "Spot CPC" system (controllable via "Armen Glider CPC" software)

Additional column holder available for heavier HPLC columns :
- Maximum overall height : 300 mm
- Maximum overall diameter : 115 mm


UV single detector, 254 nm filter (other filter on request)
UV dual detector, 254 and 280 nm filters (other filters on request)

UV DAD 4 wavelenghts 200-400 nm
UV-Vis DAD 4 wavelenghts 200-600 nm
UV-Vis DAD 4 wavelenghts 190-840 nm
> 4 wavelengths simultaneously
> Continuous scan of whole spectrum

Prep flow cell with adjustable optical path length

Analog input or external acquisition module available for additional detectors (ELSD, RI, ...)


Automated by threshold, volume, time, local minimum (or combination) or Manual

3 racks for 18 mm tubes supplied (192 tubes of 18 x 150 mm or 18 x 180 mm)
All others racks size available
Funnel rack 16 outlets available
Direct collection in bottles possible (20 x 250 mL, 12 x 500 mL, 6 x 1 L)


Via intuitive and easy to use "Armen Glider" software installed on 10.4" panel PC with touch screen

4 USB ports available
Additional serial port RS-232 available
LAN plug available


Width : 620 mm
Height : 660 mm
Depth : 590 mm
Small footprint, compact system


65 kg

And more

Solvents and Waste level sensors
Laser bar code reader for automatic identification of equipments used
Fraction collector cover for vapor extraction
Racks overlays for tubes identification
FDA "21 CFR 11" compliance of "Armen Glider" software

Download here the Spot Prep II brochure...