ELSD Detector

Low-Temperature Evaporative Light-Scattering Detection for HPLC systems



High sensitivity photomultiplier

Temperature range : Ambiant to 100°C
Gain setting : 1 to 12 - Factor 211 (2048)

Nebulizer included :
> Large capillary internal diameter
> Maximum flow rate : 5 mL/min


Manually via built-in LCD display and keypad

Automatically by RS-232 interface
Control and data aquisition by intuitive and easy to use "Armen Glider" software installed on a computer

Analog output 0-1 V available


Width : 250 mm
Height : 480 mm
Depth : 550 mm


18 kg

And more

Gas pressure requierment : 3.5 bar (Nitrogen or Air)

Gas regulator with filter 0.01 µm and manometer available
Adjustable splitter valve available (medium pressure or high pressure)