Control Software

Armen Glider Prep

The "Armen Glider Prep" software ("AGP") is specially developped to control simple stand alone modules (pumps, detectors, fraction collectors, ...) up to fully automated devices ("Spot Prep II" system or Preparative modular system).

Easy to use and intuitive, this software allows to create quickly advanced methods for purification, and offers a direct access to all parameters while a purification is in progress.

For easiness and fast development, "AGP" allows automatic download of basic chromatographic conditions (optimum flow rate, maximum safety back-pressure, equilibration time, ...) related to the silica column used.

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Armen Glider CPC

Including all "Armen Glider Prep" software features, "Armen Glider CPC" ("AGC") software is specially upgrade for CPC process. Fully automated devices composed of Armen "Spot Prep II" system (or Preparative modular system) and Armen "Spot CPC" are controllable by this software.

"AGC" allows to control directly the rotation speed of the CPC column during the run and to automatically perform CPC column loading, equilibration, injection, elution and extrusion in one operation.

The combination of quaternary gradient pump, mixing chamber and solvent system database allows to avoid any premix of your solvent system. Put the solvent bottles in the right place and perform your run in one click.

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