CPC/CCC Innovative silica-free liquid-liquid chromatography column


General features :

- 1 L CPC column capacity
- Injection range : Up to 30 g
- Typical Flow rate : Up to 50 mL/min
- Maximum pressure : 80 bar
- Maximum rotation speed : 1500 rpm

- Twin-cell technology for better retention
- High pressure resistance and high rotation speed for better efficiency
- Easy-seal technology for fast and cost effective maintenance

- Asc/Dsc capability
- Biocompatible version available

From simple "SCPC" column to complete LC purifications solutions :

- "SCPC-1000-B" : Simple "SCPC" column (could be connected to any kind of preparative HPLC systems)

- "SCPC-1000-L" : "SCPC-1000-B" column with integrated pump

- "SCPC-1000-F" : Combination of "SCPC-1000-B" with a "Spot Prep II" system and "Armen Glider CPC" software
Creation of the most advanced purification tool, efficient for all kind of applications
"Spot Prep II" features allow to work also with Preparative HPLC columns and MPLC columns


SCPC-1000-L :
> Integrated "AP-MOD-100-110" two-head pump
> 100 mL/min - 110 bar (1 595 psi)
> 2% accuracy
> Repeatability better than 0.5%
> Built-in manual purge valve
> Cleaning discs
> Low maintenance needs

SCPC-1000-F :
> "Spot Prep II" built-in pump


SCPC-1000-L :
> Low-pressure gradient former of integrated pump
> Binary or Quaternary
> Linear response from 2 to 98%

SCPC-1000-F :

> "Spot Prep II" built-in gradient former


SCPC-1000-B & SCPC-1000-L :
> Through loop injector (Manual)

SCPC-1000-F :
> Through "Spot Prep II" loop injection valve (Manual or Automated)
> Through external pump controlled by "Spot Prep II" (Automated)
> Multiple injections possible by running sequence of methods


Rotating chromatography column
Volume : 1 L

Two elution modes : "Ascending" and "Descending"

& SCPC-1000-L
> With "Asc/Dsc" valve (Manual)

> With "Spot Prep II" built-in "Asc/Dsc" valve (Automated)


SCPC-1000-B & SCPC-1000-L
> Stand alone solution with separated UV-Vis detector

> "Spot Prep II" built-in UV-Vis detector


SCPC-1000-B & SCPC-1000-L
> Stand alone solution with separated "LS-5600" fraction collector

> "Spot Prep II" built-in fraction collector


Two serial ports RS-232 available for column and pump external control

& SCPC-1000-L
> Direct through integrated controller composed of a keypad and a graphic LCD display
> Via intuitive and easy to use "Armen Glider CPC" software installed on a computer

> "Spot Prep II" built-in "Armen Glider CPC" software


Width : 705 mm
Height : 710 mm
Depth : 575 mm


120 kg

Application notes :
- Preparative Gingerol purification from natural extract by CPC
- Multi-dual CPC mode for Coumarins purification from Mesua elegans
- Preparative purification from Garcinia mangostana, CPC-LC-MS coupling
- Proteins purification by CPC
- Preparative Anthocyanins purification by CPC
- Purification of crown ethers by CPC

Download here the Spot CPC brochure...