Spot Skid 5L

Complete custom solution for pilot and industrial scale LC


General features :

- Complete automated industrial ATEX HPLC system
- 5 L/min binary high-pressure gradient system, 100 bar
- Injection through pump "A"
- Constant suction of solvents and very low residual pulsations
- Constant mixture of solvents
- Constant and pulseless flow at the outlet
- Cleaning discs
- Automatic valves : Injection, Recycling, Backflush
- Manual valves : Solvents selector, Purge
- ATEX UV/Vis DAD with flow cell connected by optical fibers
- Multi-valves fraction collector (7 ways + Waste)
- Armen "Prepcon" software (CFR 21 Part 11)
- ATEX compliance (Zone 2 Eex d IIb T3/T4) and GMP compliance
- Easy to move thanks to built-in wheels


2 x 5 L/min three-head "TRIX" elution pump
Two similar pumps (characteristics of each pump)

(Flow rate range - Max. Pressure)
10 mL/min to 5 L/min - 100 bar (1 450 psi)

2% accuracy
Repeatability better than 0.5%


Two pumps working together to form the binary high-pressure gradient
Constant mixture without mixing chamber
Linear response from 0.5 to 99.5%


Through pump "A" of main elution pump
Built-in automated injection valve (pneumatic)

Multiple injections possible by running sequence of methods


DAC HPLC columns up to 250 mm ID


Built-in UV-Vis DAD 4 wavelenghts 200-600 nm
> Prep flow cell in ATEX zone (use of optical fibers)
> Adjustable optical path length
> 4 wavelengths simultaneously
> Continuous scan of whole spectrum


Built-in 8-way multi-valves fraction collector
> 7 outlets + Waste
> Pneumatic valves
> Automated by threshold, volume, time, local minimum (or combination)
> Manual/on the fly (goes to next outlet in one click)


Via Armen "Prepcon" software installed on built-in computer

Built-in 17" screen, keyboard and trackball
USB port available (for ATEX flashdisk only)


Width : # 1400 mm
Height : # 1500 mm
Depth : # 1100 mm


# 360 kg
Easy to move thanks to built-in wheels

Download here the Spot Skid brochure...